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Legislative Information

Learn about Washington State PTA legislative priorities and other supported issues, participate in discussion groups, and find out more ways to get involved.

Everyday Advocacy
1. Make an appointment with your legislators. Visit or call the Legislative Information Center (360) 786-7573 for information. 
2. Know Washington State PTA'S legislative priorities (listed below).
3. Connect with other parents, teachers, and education advocates. Take time to network with other advocates. Find out what issues you have in common and what issues other families are experiencing. 
4. Make sure to leave it in writing. Any information you provide, whether to legislators, other parents, teachers, or education advocates should be in writing. Verify that you have something written to leave behind, even if it is just a letter, postcard, or personal story.

Legislative Assembly

In October 2016, Washington State PTA leaders and members met in Olympia to update our short term and long term goals and platform. 

2016-2018 Legislative Platform (Top Five)
Social Emotional Learning*
Amply Fund Basic Education*
Closing the Opportunity Gap*
Standards for Paraeducators*
Breakfast after the Bell*

Issues Also Supported( listed alphabetically)
Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children*
Engaging Families in Student Success
Post-Secondary Higher Education*
Removing Barriers to Implementing ECEAP
Restorative Justice and School Safety 

New Long-Term Resolutions (as of 2016)
Child Sex Trafficking
Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Dyspraxia and their Educational Impact
Mitigating Environmental Hazards and Contaminants in Schools

For more information on Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly, visit

 To see a full list of issues on the WSPTA Legislative platform, go to

What does it mean to fully fund education as required by the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision? The Seattle Times Education Lab project explains here.

One Day Teacher Walk Out Survey Results

We had over 225 people respond to the anonymous, 3 question survey to gather community sentiment on the one day teacher strike/walk-out on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.   The survey was shared across of all Northshore via other PTAs and the Northshore Council PTSA.  The KJH PTSA has no taken no official position on the walk out.

General Survey Summary - it is overwhelmingly clear is that our community is very supportive of teachers using their voice to speak up (88%) on the important issues facing the funding of education.  However, the community is almost equally divided if a walk is the right solution. 

Click here to see the full survey results and comments


Read the Letter KJH PTSA wrote to Legislators from the Survey


Your voice matters!  It's quick and easy -

One of ways PSTA seeks to achieve its Vision of “making every child’s potential a reality” is through one of its Core Missions:  “PTA is a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.”

Every parent can use their voice to help kids!   

Busy Person's Guide to Advocacy: Our legislators need to here from parents about issues that affect our children.  Your voice is desperately needed! 

Estimated Time

What you can do

1 minute 

Leave a phone message with your representative

5 minutes

Join the State PTA

30 minutes 

Action E-List (Go to, click on Advocacy, then click on Legislative Action Center, at bottom under stay informed sign up for the Action E-List.)


Have a phone conversation, write a postcard, send an email, write a post on Facebook


Write a letter to the editor of the KJH PTSA Newsletter. 

30 minutes + travel 

Meet with your legislator

How can you make a difference?

 1. Vote!  Educate yourself on the candidates and the issues. Register to vote in WA state.

2. Be Informed!  PTA is an advocacy organization - WA State PTA Advocacy and National PTA Advocacy!

3. Stay involved! The Supreme Court ruled in the 2012 McCleary decision that Washington state is not meeting its duty to fully fund our schools!  Hold your representatives accountable! We need solutions for our schools and our kids!

Parents - THANK YOU for putting kids first!!!