Donations & Support

Thank you for supporting the students and Staff of KMS!

The money you give through donations and PTSA membership help our own community. 

Some of the things we've done include:

  • donated $5000 to fund a makeover for the school library / maker space. 
  • purchase school supplies to make sure students in need have the tools they need to achieve academic success!
  • donate over $600 to help students who come to school with no lunch
  • fund school assemblies, purchase department supplies, and more!
  • donate money to the health room at KJH.
  • assist with the food drive that benefits our own community.


There are so many ways to support the students and staff and KMS.  From helping your student with homework to volunteering at KMS, you are making a difference.  The primary way KMS raises funds for all our program is through Pass the Hat donations and Brick Sales.  The money is used in great ways.  KMS PTSA gives every teacher $100 to support their classroom however they see fit.  We also fund $3000 in other classroom grants, as well as pay for the security officers at our school dances.  The list goes on but it take a little bit from everyone to make it happen.

Please think about supporting KMS PTSA:

  1. Pass the Hat Donation -  You can send your donation in with your membership check or participate during the pass hat time at back to school night in the Fall.
  2. Membership - support us by being a card carrying member, better yet, donate and help another family in need purchase their membership - visit the membership page

Whether you donate your time or money, we send you a big thank you!

KJH PTSA Communications,
Apr 4, 2016, 5:20 PM
KJH PTSA Communications,
Apr 4, 2016, 5:22 PM