Welcome to Kenmore Middle School PTSA

KMS PTSA serves the students of Kenmore MIddle School.  

Our mission is to support and advocate for our diverse KMS students, families and staff in a fun, healthy, fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Upcoming Events and Important Dates


General Membership Meeting -  Wed April 18

Parents welcome! 
Come join us and think about volunteering to make Kenmore Middle School even better!

What's in it for you? 

Camaraderie, friendship and the knowledge that YOU
 are making a better school experience for the kids.

Help us make the PTSA as awesome as you are!


Board of Directors Meeting 

General Membership Meeting 
We are looking for interested parents to join us and be an active member of the PTSA. 

Help us help the kids by volunteering. We need help in the following roles:

Career Day
Do you have a passion for help students see who they can become? A desire to show students what they can look forward to after school?  PTSA will be working with KMS to hold a Career Day this spring.  We are looking for a chair or co-chairs to partner with the school, and PTSA leaders and the community to put together this event.

Career Day offers our students insight into many different career paths.  It gives our students an opportunity to learn what is needed to be successful in their career interests.  

Bingo Night
To bring this fun night to KMS this year we need a chair or co-chair.  The chair is key in organizing the event and volunteers.  We have a vision of a fun and free family event.  (No basket raffle to coordinate this year!)
8th Grade Party
We need a chair or co-chairs to send our 8th graders off with a fun event. 
Recycling Event
We need a chair or co-chairs for our spring recycling event.  This is an easy and fun event to coordinate and participate in. 
Nominating Committee
If you have just a few hours to give this year, how about being part of the nominating committee?  The committee nominates the candidates for the 2018-19 PTSA executive committee. 
For more information or to get involved please contact Corinne at cori@pattens.org or Jennie at jenniegardino@aol.com

Sharon could use some help managing the parent and outreach communications. 

If you love Social Media now's your chance to help out.