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Parents: Please fill out and return the PERMISSION SLIP if you would like your child to attend the 8th Grade Party. Also, if your child would like to participate we are collecting nominations for those in their graduating class that are Most Likely To...  That form is also available to print and for your child to fill out and return.  

2018 8th Grade Party

KMS has experienced incredible change this year. Are you ready to have a voice in the direction of our school? Or do you know someone who would be an incredible advocate for our students and community? 
KMS PTSA is in need of a Co-President, Vice President and Staff Appreciation Chair for the 2018-19 school year.  For more information please contact Fern at fernriggio@yahoo.com. 


The presiding officer and official spokesperson of the PTSA. Facilitates all Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and General meetings. Gathers input from Committee Chairs and provides support them with support as needed.  Communicates regularly with the school Principal, staff, Board of Directors, and PTSA members.

Vice President
The VP acts as the assistant to the President and presides at meetings in the absence of the president. Responsible for support of assigned Committees as needed.

Staff Appreciation Chair
Do you love making others feel appreciated? Then this is the role for you! Coordinate bi-monthly staff appreciation lunches and create a memorable staff appreciation week for the KMS staff members.
Sharon could use some help managing the parent and outreach communications. If you love Social Media now's your chance to help out.

  • June 15th8th Grade Party      7-10 PM

  • June 20th - Colt Day

  • June 21st - Last day of School and Moving Up Ceremony for the 8th Graders